Sell memberships online and fund subscription fees direct to your bank account.

If you’re using our Membership Subscription module as part of your rewards program strategy, the next step is selling those memberships online. With Membership Auto Pay, promote your memberships for online checkout and fund your bank account with subscription fees on a recurring basis. You’ll need a compatible online gateway account (i.e., to use this feature.

Membership Subscriptions

Create membership subscriptions and customize benefits, rewards structures, auto messaging and expiration (monthly, annual, seasonal) within minutes.

Buy Now Page Creator

Access easy back office interface for creating membership subscription bundles for sale online, including pricing, description, images and retail value.

Code Link Creator

Your webmaster or digital marketing consultant can use easy Code/Link creator supporting bare URL, HTML code links, embed or iframe to sell memberships online from your website and social media.

Set Redemption Limits

Control the frequency with which your customers can redeem their benefits and comps on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis across membership subscriptions.

Optional Mobile Keyword

Advertise a mobile keyword linked to your membership buy now page so customers can text a code and buy your membership from their smartphone.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrates with and eProcessing Network for online funding of membership subscriptions and renewals direct to your bank account.

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